Weight management program


  1. Completion of screening questioner
  2. Obtain initial weight measurement
  3. Order lab works for the following lab A1c, Lipid panel, Cholesterol, Kidneys Thyroid functions
  4. Urinalysis
  5. EKG if required
  6. Post treatment lab works/ Post treatment weight check.

Weekly injection:

We will supply you with Semaglutide at a reduced cost.

The following medications listed below are based on insurance coverage. If covered by your insurance you only pay the initial fee of $299.99 and $75 weekly for administration of the injection, whoever if you are willing to administer the injection on your own then you only pay the initial fee of 299.99.

  1. Ozempic
  2. Wegovy
  3. Mounjaro
  4. Trulicity


SUBQ: Initiate and adjust dose using the following schedule: In patients who do not tolerate a dosage increase, consider delaying the increase for an additional 4 weeks:

  • Week 1 through week 4: 0.25 mg once weekly. $90
  • Week 5 through week 8: 0.5 mg once weekly. $135
  • Week 9 through week 12: 1 mg once weekly. $220
  • Week 13 through week 16: 1.7 mg once weekly. $320
  • Week 17 and thereafter (maintenance dosage): 2.4 mg
    once weekly; if not tolerated, may temporarily decrease dosage to 1.7 mg once weekly for up to 4 additional weeks, then increase to 2.4 mg once weekly. $425